Here are some resources where you can learn more about food councils (often called food policy councils):

  • Community Food Strategies – link
  • Food Policy Networks project at Johns Hopkins University (LOTS of resources!) – link
  • Public Health Law Center, Food Policy Council Resources – link
  • Food First- Food Policy Councils: Lessons Learned- link

A call for food councils in North Carolina:

  • A Community and Local Government Guide to Developing Local Food Systems in North Carolina – link

Food policy and working with local government:

  • Growing Food Connections Policy Database – link
  • Cultivating Healthy Places: – link
  • Growing local food systems: A case studies series on working with local government – link

Public health:

  • CDC summary of food policy councils – link
  • CDC – Changing the food environment through nutrition standards: A guide for government procurement – link
  • CDC – Healthy food service guidelines – link
  • Case study: Cleveland-Cuyahoga Food Policy Coalition – link

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